• Keralase combines the patent-pending, topical hair growth serum called KeraFactor® with the LaseMD® laser system.
  • In our office, LaseMD® laser is used on the scalp to create tiny “microchannels.” This process is painless on the scalp.
  • The microchannels from LaseMD® create an avenue to increase absorption of the topical KeraFactor® serum which is massaged onto the scalp.
  • KeraFactor® is a proprietary and patent pending formula with the highest bioavailability of polypeptides in a topical formulation.
  • KeraFactor® product affects all 4 stages of hair life cycle which makes this the most effective, non-surgical hair re-growth treatment option on the market.
  • Recommended Treatment Option:
    1 treatment every 2 weeks for 6 treatments – 12 weeks total
KeraFactor 1